1. shakespeareaudio:

    Ewan McGregor as Iago, Kelly Reilly as Desdemona, Tom Hiddleston as Cassio, Michelle Fairley as Emila and Martina Laird as Bianca in William Shakespeare’s Othello, directed by  Michael Grandage.

    • Iago
      There is no other way; ‘tis she must do’t: 
      And, lo, the happiness! go, and importune her.
    • Desdemona
      How now, good Cassio! what’s the news with you?
    • Cassio
      Madam, my former suit: I do beseech you 
      That by your virtuous means I may again 
      Exist, and be a member of his love 
      Whom I with all the office of my heart 
      Entirely honour: I would not be delay’d. 
      If my offence be of such mortal kind 
      That nor my service past, nor present sorrows, 
      Nor purposed merit in futurity, 
      Can ransom me into his love again, 
      But to know so must be my benefit; 
      So shall I clothe me in a forced content, 
      And shut myself up in some other course, 
      To fortune’s alms.
    • Desdemona
      Alas, thrice-gentle Cassio! 
      My advocation is not now in tune; 
      My lord is not my lord; nor should I know him, 
      Were he in favour as in humour alter’d. 
      So help me every spirit sanctified, 
      As I have spoken for you all my best 
      And stood within the blank of his displeasure 
      For my free speech! you must awhile be patient: 
      What I can do I will; and more I will 
      Than for myself I dare: let that suffice you.
    • Iago
      Is my lord angry?
    • Emilia
      He went hence but now, 
      And certainly in strange unquietness.
    • Iago
      Can he be angry? I have seen the cannon, 
      When it hath blown his ranks into the air, 
      And, like the devil, from his very arm 
      Puff’d his own brother:—and can he be angry? 
      Something of moment then: I will go meet him: 
      There’s matter in’t indeed, if he be angry.
    • Desdemona
      I prithee, do so. 
      [Exit IAGO] 
      Something, sure, of state, 
      Either from Venice, or some unhatch’d practise 
      Made demonstrable here in Cyprus to him, 
      Hath puddled his clear spirit: and in such cases 
      Men’s natures wrangle with inferior things, 
      Though great ones are their object. ‘Tis even so; 
      For let our finger ache, and it indues 
      Our other healthful members even to that sense 
      Of pain: nay, we must think men are not gods, 
      Nor of them look for such observances 
      As fit the bridal. Beshrew me much, Emilia, 
      I was, unhandsome warrior as I am, 
      Arraigning his unkindness with my soul; 
      But now I find I had suborn’d the witness, 
      And he’s indicted falsely.
    • Emilia
      Pray heaven it be state-matters, as you think, 
      And no conception nor no jealous toy 
      Concerning you.
    • Desdemona
      Alas the day! I never gave him cause.
    • Emilia
      But jealous souls will not be answer’d so; 
      They are not ever jealous for the cause, 
      But jealous for they are jealous: ‘tis a monster 
      Begot upon itself, born on itself.
    • Desdemona
      Heaven keep that monster from Othello’s mind!
    • Emilia
      Lady, amen.
    • Desdemona
      I will go seek him. Cassio, walk hereabout: 
      If I do find him fit, I’ll move your suit 
      And seek to effect it to my uttermost.
    • Cassio
      I humbly thank your ladyship.

    [Exeunt DESDEMONA and EMILIA]

    [Enter BIANCA]

    • Bianca
      Save you, friend Cassio!
    • Cassio
      What make you from home? 
      How is it with you, my most fair Bianca? 
      I’ faith, sweet love, I was coming to your house.
    • Bianca
      And I was going to your lodging, Cassio. 
      What, keep a week away? seven days and nights? 
      Eight score eight hours? and lovers’ absent hours, 
      More tedious than the dial eight score times? 
      O weary reckoning!
    • Cassio
      Pardon me, Bianca: 
      I have this while with leaden thoughts been press’d: 
      But I shall, in a more continuate time, 
      Strike off this score of absence. Sweet Bianca, 
      [Giving her DESDEMONA’s handkerchief] 
      Take me this work out.
    • Bianca
      O Cassio, whence came this? 
      This is some token from a newer friend: 
      To the felt absence now I feel a cause: 
      Is’t come to this? Well, well.
    • Cassio
      Go to, woman! 
      Throw your vile guesses in the devil’s teeth, 
      From whence you have them. You are jealous now 
      That this is from some mistress, some remembrance: 
      No, in good troth, Bianca.
    • Bianca
      Why, whose is it?
    • Cassio
      I know not, sweet: I found it in my chamber. 
      I like the work well: ere it be demanded— 
      As like enough it will—I’ld have it copied: 
      Take it, and do’t; and leave me for this time.
    • Bianca
      Leave you! wherefore?
    • Cassio
      I do attend here on the general; 
      And think it no addition, nor my wish, 
      To have him see me woman’d.
    • Bianca
      Why, I pray you?
    • Cassio
      Not that I love you not.
    • Bianca
      But that you do not love me. 
      I pray you, bring me on the way a little, 
      And say if I shall see you soon at night.
    • Cassio
      'Tis but a little way that I can bring you; 
      For I attend here: but I’ll see you soon.
    • Bianca
      'Tis very good; I must be circumstanced.

    (Source: plays.pursuedbyabear.net)

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