1. english-rosebud:

    NEW: The Hollow Crown: Henry IV photographs by Charlie Gray

    Charlie Gray just released these images on his website. If you are enjoying the Hollow Crown and his photos please RT and take a look at our petition to get them published:

    The Hollow Crown Book Petition - http://twitition.com/7ns9g/


  2. Cassius and Sharky take a look at the latest adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Richard II, which stars Ben Whishaw, Patrick Stewart and Rory Kinnear.

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  3. thegeekyblonde:


    I played Flavius, the old, faithful servant of Timon of Athens. A bit obscure, but we didn’t do much Shakespeare at school. At Cambridge I played Romeo, and not very well. It’s really hard. He’s a bit of a wet fish, delicate and feminine.”

      — Tom Hiddleston

    [Britain’s Finest Actors vs. Shakespeare]

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