1. Cassius and Sharky wrap up the Shakespeare Unlocked series “The Hollow Crown.”

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  2. Cassius and Sharky take on the third episode of The Hollow Crown.

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    Cassius and Sharky review the second episode of the Henriad-based Shakespeare Unlocked series, The Hollow Crown which stars Jeremy Irons, Tom Hiddleston, Joe Armstrong and Simon Russell Beale.

    The Hollow Crown! Henry IV Part I!


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    In “Henry IV Part I”, on my mind from the “Hollow Crown” airing its adaptation of the play last weekend, Prince Hal lays out his bizarre plan for ascending to kingship and respect. In this video, I discuss Prince Hal and his how he becomes Henry V, with a particular focus on the “I know you all” speech from the beginning of “Henry IV Part I”.

    Link to the PBAB video will be blogged when it exists! Promise!

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    NEW: The Hollow Crown: Henry IV photographs by Charlie Gray

    Charlie Gray just released these images on his website. If you are enjoying the Hollow Crown and his photos please RT and take a look at our petition to get them published:

    The Hollow Crown Book Petition - http://twitition.com/7ns9g/


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    Posting this one on its own because *wibble*.

    I see that Henry IV is rocking the royal beanie…

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    Radio Times 30-1 July 2012 

    Kings of Cool - Classic Shakespeare with Britain’s biggest stars 

    I don’t know if someone’s already scanned this article yet (they probably have) but I thought you lot would appreciate it. - Sorry for cutting off bits.

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    The Hollow Crown - starts next weekend I believe.  Cannot wait.

    And for some reason, Prince Hal is dressed like Niobe’s RSI from The Matrix.

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    Program from The Winter’s Tale, featuring Jeremy Irons, Royal Shakespeare Company (1987)


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    As promised, here is the review of the trailer for the BBC’s “The Hollow Crown,” the upcoming four movies of “Richard II”, “Henry IV Part I”, “Henry IV Part II”, and “Henry V”. Here is the trailer, kind of required viewing before you dig into this video which dissects it: 

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    In this episode, I examine the clip released from the BBC “The Hollow Crown,” which shows Henry IV (Jeremy Irons) berating Hal (Tom Hiddleston). Somehow a two minute clip bore several more minutes of commentary. Love how that works.

    [Full Clip from “The Hollow Crown”]

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    Henry IV berates Prince Hal in Henry IV, Part I- but there is more to this speech than meets the eye, and finding that out involves discussion of the prequel, Richard II! The clip here is from “The Hollow Crown”, and I will be examining the full clip this Friday in the same vein as the Richard II clip breakdown from last week.

    [Trailer for “The Hollow Crown”]

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    yeah, I like hard medieval bdsm porno


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  14. The constant preoccupation of Shakespeare’s Histories:  How To Govern

    Featuring a bit of Tom Hiddleston giving the St. Crispin’s Day speech from Henry V at the 1:50 mark.


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    Prince Hal is summoned to court in The Hollow Crown.

    I could write a novel about how excited I am to see this…it’s going to be bloody perfection!