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    Questions From Tumblr: Sharky Edition

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    Questions From Tumblr: Macbeth’s Lady Edition

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    Questions from tumblr: Katherine Edition


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    Questions from tumblr: The Geeky Blonde Edition

    The final three seconds finally rendered!

    too kawaii for Premiere Pro

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    Questions from tumblr: Nowacking Edition.

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    I got bored at camp, so here’s the rest of PBAB in Hogwarts uniforms.

    from left to right, it’s Ren (that’s totally a fedora shhh), Meryl (who’s doing her “what do I say now” dance, it’s a really good dance), Mary (with cowboy boots because COWBOY BOOTS), Jessi (giggling nefariously), and Sarah Elizabeth (at the mercy of Mary’s charm casting). 



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    None of my RL friends like Shakespeare

    at all 

    I try to tell them about various things-the awesomeness of Hamlet, Macbeth and all that superstition stuff, even “Villain, I have done thy mother.” in Titus Andronicus.

    And they’re just like

    And I’m like

    If they’re allowed to fangirl about stuff like One Direction, then you know what? 

    I like Shakespeare. I really don’t care what they think. 

    (i’m so glad the internet exists otherwise i’d die of…non-Shakespeare. especially PBAB. you guys rock.)


    *group hug*

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    Scene from The Winter’s Tale by John Massey Wright (1777-1866)

    The day frowns more and more: thou’rt like to have
    A lullaby too rough: I never saw
    The heavens so dim by day. A savage clamour!
    Well may I get aboard! This is the chase:
    I am gone for ever.”

    [Exit, pursued by a bear]

    The Winter’s Tale (Act III, scene iii)

    In which John Massey Wright is either horrible at drawing bears, or thinks that they’re just really big rats.

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