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    And this is why you should see the damn plays instead of just reading them.  They were meant to be performed in front of an audience.

    insert every single THIS gif in existence

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  3. In which Sharky fails at being a motivational speaker.  Like he does with most things in life.

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    The More You Know

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  6.  ”I’m convinced that anyone who says “I can’t understand Shakespeare” would change their mind if they sat down with someone and learned to read it correctly. I’ve done this with my brother, who struggles with learning disabilities and trouble focusing. I make it interactive. I read him the lines, to help him understand the intonation and nuance, and have him read them back to me. Immediately, he relates. At age 15, he knows what Shakespeare was trying to say through his character’s voice. And I think that is something truly magical.”


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    David Tennant as Malvolio in William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (Or What You Will.)


    'If this fall into thy hand, revolve. In my stars I 
    am above thee; but be not afraid of greatness: some 
    are born great, some achieve greatness, and some 
    have greatness thrust upon ‘em. Thy Fates open 
    their hands; let thy blood and spirit embrace them; 
    and, to inure thyself to what thou art like to be, 
    cast thy humble slough and appear fresh. Be 
    opposite with a kinsman, surly with servants; let 
    thy tongue tang arguments of state; put thyself into 
    the trick of singularity: she thus advises thee 
    that sighs for thee. Remember who commended thy 
    yellow stockings, and wished to see thee ever 
    cross-gartered: I say, remember. Go to, thou art 
    made, if thou desirest to be so; if not, let me see 
    thee a steward still, the fellow of servants, and 
    not worthy to touch Fortune’s fingers. Farewell. 
    She that would alter services with thee, 
    Daylight and champaign discovers not more: this is 
    open. I will be proud, I will read politic authors, 
    I will baffle Sir Toby, I will wash off gross 
    acquaintance, I will be point-devise the very man. 
    I do not now fool myself, to let imagination jade 
    me; for every reason excites to this, that my lady 
    loves me. She did commend my yellow stockings of 
    late, she did praise my leg being cross-gartered; 
    and in this she manifests herself to my love, and 
    with a kind of injunction drives me to these habits 
    of her liking. I thank my stars I am happy. I will 
    be strange, stout, in yellow stockings, and 
    cross-gartered, even with the swiftness of putting 
    on. Jove and my stars be praised! Here is yet a 
    'Thou canst not choose but know who I am. If thou 
    entertainest my love, let it appear in thy smiling; 
    thy smiles become thee well; therefore in my 
    presence still smile, dear my sweet, I prithee.’ 
    Jove, I thank thee: I will smile; I will do 
    everything that thou wilt have me.

        — Twelfth Night, Act II.5

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  8. Adrian Lester as Prince Hamlet in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


  9. Maggie Smith and John Justin in William Shakespeare’s Richard II.

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    • Imogen
      False to his bed! What is it to be false? 
      To lie in watch there and to think on him? 
      To weep ‘twixt clock and clock? if sleep 
      charge nature, 
      To break it with a fearful dream of him 
      And cry myself awake? that’s false to’s bed, is it?
    • Pisanio
      Alas, good lady!
    • Imogen
      I false! Thy conscience witness: Iachimo, 
      Thou didst accuse him of incontinency; 
      Thou then look’dst like a villain; now methinks 
      Thy favour’s good enough. Some jay of Italy 
      Whose mother was her painting, hath betray’d him: 
      Poor I am stale, a garment out of fashion; 
      And, for I am richer than to hang by the walls, 
      I must be ripp’d:—to pieces with me!—O, 
      Men’s vows are women’s traitors! All good seeming, 
      By thy revolt, O husband, shall be thought 
      Put on for villany; not born where’t grows, 
      But worn a bait for ladies.
    • Pisanio
      Good madam, hear me.
    • Imogen
      True honest men being heard, like false Aeneas, 
      Were in his time thought false, and Sinon’s weeping 
      Did scandal many a holy tear, took pity 
      From most true wretchedness: so thou, Posthumus, 
      Wilt lay the leaven on all proper men; 
      Goodly and gallant shall be false and perjured 
      From thy great fall. Come, fellow, be thou honest: 
      Do thou thy master’s bidding: when thou see’st him, 
      A little witness my obedience: look! 
      I draw the sword myself: take it, and hit 
      The innocent mansion of my love, my heart; 
      Fear not; ‘tis empty of all things but grief; 
      Thy master is not there, who was indeed 
      The riches of it: do his bidding; strike 
      Thou mayst be valiant in a better cause; 
      But now thou seem’st a coward.

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  11. David Tennant and Alexandra Gilbreath as the title characters in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.


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    Richard Burton stars and Sir John Gielgud directs William Shakespeare’s play of the Danish Prince. This is a “Hamlet” acted in rehearsal clothes, stripped of all extraneous trappings, so the beauty of the language and imagery could shine through. Filmed during an actual Broadway performance, to be shown in movie theaters for two days only, the prints were contractually ordered destroyed, but Burton sent one to the British Film Institute, and kept one print at home, located by his widow Sally in 1988; here then is the complete Burton “Hamlet” in all its vocal power and glory.



  13. “It is the single most embarrassing thing about being in the theatre, that it has become an exclusive club. I am embarrassed by the fact that there is such short-sightedness on the heads of producers and theatre directors. What happens when this generation that is currently going to the theatre passes on to the great theatre in the sky? Who is going to replace them? If we don’t make theatre accessible then you force producers to always have to have big names in plays and you don’t give young people an opportunity to experience something that, if they get it and if they love it, they will come again.”


  14. P-Stew

    The glory years of London behind him, William Shakespeare (portrayed by Sir Patrick Stewart) finds himself in an overwhelming moral dilemma. Like his greatest creation King Lear, he has to decide: what shall he do with his money and his power?