1. viictoriiaclaiirescostumelife:

    So I recently did a placement at The Royal Shakespeare Company, in Stratford. 

    The time I spent there I got to be behind the scenes of Twelfth Night. Beginning with ‘Tech Week.’ Tech week is when the play is performed through with all the technical elements for the first time, and you trial things like quick changes, lighting, sound and possibly altering some of the direction, until all are happy with the final outcome. There is then a Dress, which is a timed performance with all the technical elements running as they would in the performance. 

    Above is one of the Production Photos. What you are looking at is basically a pool in the bottom left of the stage, in which Viola emerges from in the opening scene, having been shipwrecked in an unknown land. To see Viola and Sebastian swim underneath the stage to emerge here was amazing! 

    One of the reasons that the Theatre fascinates me, is that they can make anything happen. When I was 15 I saw a production of The Seagull - incidentally at the RSC - and they made it rain. Inside. In a theatre. The entire stage was flooded. And to me, that is pure magic. So to see something like this simply reminds me of the magic which the theatre can create. 

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