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    and then i slept for three days 

    Romeo and Juliet outtakes.


  2. Go check out her solo projects at thegeekyblonde.com!


  3. On the day of their second anniversary, the folks of PBAB discuss their first encounters with the works of William Shakespeare.

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    Of Pentameter & Bear Baiting - Romeo & Juliet Part I: Crash Course English Literature #2

    In which John Green examines Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare. John delves into the world of Bill Shakespeare’s famous star-crossed lovers and examines what the play is about, its structure, and the context in which it was written. Have you ever wanted to know what iambic pentameter is? Then you should watch this video. Have you ever pondered what kind of people actually went to see a Shakespeare play in 1598? Watch this video. Were you aware that wherefore means “why?” Whether you were or not, watch this video. In Shakespeare’s time, entertainment choices ranged from taking in a play to watching a restrained bear try to fight off a pack of dogs. Today on YouTube, our entertainment choices are just as wide-ranging. So you can either choose to watch the modern equivalent of bear baiting (another cinnamon challenge) or you can be edified and entertained by John and Crash Course. So wherefore are you reading this description instead of watching the video?

    looks like john’s taking ann’s thing

    what is your response to this, ann

    we’ll have to duel for the position

    My money’s on Ann.

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    What is work? #thegeekyblonde #Shakespeare #Hamlet #hamatio

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  6. Started following Pursued By A Bear




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  7. Happy National Poetry Month to all of the GB folk!  Here’s The Geeky Blonde with “Cheers.”


  8. And also, you are most welcome. :)

    Cats are big fans of theatre, actually.  They even staged a musical at some point.


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    Questions from tumblr: The Geeky Blonde Edition

    The final three seconds finally rendered!

    too kawaii for Premiere Pro

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  10. Condensed Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Outtakes.


  11. Cassius and Sharky wrap up the Shakespeare Unlocked series “The Hollow Crown.”

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  12. phoenixgryffin:

    None of my RL friends like Shakespeare

    at all 

    I try to tell them about various things-the awesomeness of Hamlet, Macbeth and all that superstition stuff, even “Villain, I have done thy mother.” in Titus Andronicus.

    And they’re just like

    And I’m like

    If they’re allowed to fangirl about stuff like One Direction, then you know what? 

    I like Shakespeare. I really don’t care what they think. 

    (i’m so glad the internet exists otherwise i’d die of…non-Shakespeare. especially PBAB. you guys rock.)


    *group hug*

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  13. In which The Geeky Blonde is Gertrude.

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  14. Sharky
    Macbeth's Lady
    The Geeky Blonde

    Pursued By A Bear Author Portraits by ~ebillan.


  15. cassius614:

    While Shakespeare tragedies often kill off many of the relevant characters, those left behind to lead the way into the future are interesting too. Here is a discussion of three characters who are raised to power by the end of their respective tragedies: Lucius (Titus Andronicus), Malcolm (Macbeth), and Fortinbras (Hamlet).

    And, with a much pithier statement on the end of tragedies than I could ever muster, here is TheGeekyBlonde’s Hamlet, which ends with her Fortinbras summing up how Shakespeare ends his tragedies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mHQ8te8Rfk

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