1. librouhaha:

    Hamlet by William Shakespeare | Shakespeare’s Globe, London | €5

    I always try to bring a book with me when I travel, especially if the trip entails waiting at an airport. This pocket-sized version of  William Shakespeare’s Hamlet was one of the things that my sister and her husband brought home for me from their trip to Shakespeare’s Globe in London, and I think it’s the perfect book to bring to my trip to Singapore. It won’t take up space in my hand-carried bag, which means I won’t make the mistake of checking it in with my luggage. (I had learned this lesson the hard way.)


  2. cassius614:

    In this video, I count down Shakespeare’s Five Worst Brothers! From attempted murder to murder and psychological torture, see what “brotherly love” means to the Bard. The cruel, cruel Bard.

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    I had Mother’s Day to talk about Moms and Father’s Day to talk about Dads. But what about the most contentious familial relation found in Shakespeare – Are there any good brothers out there? I’ve found five, and here they are! And, just because there’s such rich variety to choose from on the other side of things, look out for Monday’s episode, where I will be counting down Shakespeare’s top five WORST brothers. Lots of competition, see if you can guess who will be on there!

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    The Shakespeare Minute: In this (video filmed when I was in Stratford! why deprive you of the wondrous view of my erstwhile hotel room?) I discuss the gloriously bizarre play “Fortinbras” by Lee Blessing. Enjoy!

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    Shakespeare uses Greek mythology in his plays all the time, and the references he uses serve to illuminate the overarching themes of the moment - here’s the myth of the demigod Phaeton, and how it’s used in four different Shakespeare plays.

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  6. cassius614:

    The Shakespeare Minute: In “Romeo and Juliet,” there’s a climactic fight scene between Mercutio and Tybalt, two men who… had no interaction before that moment? Why exactly are they on such a collision course then? I investigate why in the latest installment of “Shakespeare Themes”.

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    In which I explain a tiny word-based Shakespearean pet peeve of mine. Learn this lesson and thy desert shall be great!

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  8. renkris:

    Lauren Sowa Strikes Again.

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    The Fall of Lady Macbeth by ~BrokenData

    an untimely end for my favorite Shakespearean character. gory but gorgeous art.


  10. cassius614:

    Iago’s motivations and jealousies, grounded in his Act I Scene I introduction, yield many moments to be mined in the rest of the play. In this episode, I posit that Iago’s motivations revealed therein are distressingly understandable for a modern audience.

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  11. cassius614:

    In this episode, I discuss the selection of my moniker “Cassius”, both from the artistic and personal perspectives. And speaking of “Cassius”, here is a selection of other places where you might follow me for even more Shakespearey goodness!

    My blog (follow!): http://theshakespeareminute.org/

    Facebook (like!): http://www.facebook.com/TheShakespeareMinute

    Twitter (follow!): @Cassius614 

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    Oh dear god this is a thing that has happened. I am literally weeping from laughter. I love this kid so much. What an adorable, delightful little guy.

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  13. Haters gonna hate…





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    Cassius and Sharky review the second episode of the Henriad-based Shakespeare Unlocked series, The Hollow Crown which stars Jeremy Irons, Tom Hiddleston, Joe Armstrong and Simon Russell Beale.

    The Hollow Crown! Henry IV Part I!


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  15. Cassius and Sharky take a look at the latest adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Richard II, which stars Ben Whishaw, Patrick Stewart and Rory Kinnear.

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